Proseal's big contribution to Big Prawn's Success

The installation of a Proseal tray sealing line at The Big Prawn Company has provided the increased capacity and flexibility to cope with growing demand for the company’s extensive product range.

Proseal’s GT1 Tray Sealer is combined with the company’s OC conveyor and integrated with the Big Prawn’s existing multihead weigher, sealing six different types of trays and pots, with gas flushing for extended shelf life.  Thanks to the high speeds and fast changeovers of the GT1, overall throughput on the line has doubled compared to the previous sealing operation. 

 Formed in 1995 the Big Prawn Company’s original area of expertise was brined shellfish and the company soon became the largest brining operation in the UK. Since then, its product range has been extended to include ready to eat and convenience products and an extended shelf life MAP range.  The company supplies its products to the retail, foodservice, wholesale and airline catering industries and also to ready meal and sandwich manufacturers.

“As a growing business, we needed a fast and reliable tray sealing operation that could cope easily with increased throughput at busy periods, such as the Christmas season,” explains Richard Kemp of The Big Prawn Company.  “Equally important, quality is key to our success so the integrity of the seal is paramount.  

 “The Proseal solution is able to deliver on all these requirements and has enabled us to plan production better and respond quickly to customer demands.”

 The GT1 features an advanced Touch Screen Control with full graphical operator interface that allows complete machine and tooling set up to be fully ‘recipe’ controlled, meaning all settings are easily stored for fast retrieval.  The Touch Screen can also be viewed and controlled remotely from any PC and provides detailed production data and monitoring and full diagnostics.

A servo-driven infeed conveyor and a high accuracy tray positioning system maximise sealing speeds, while an intelligent film feed system provides enhanced control for improved seal quality, with easy film threading and dynamic control of the movement of the film throughout the film feed cycle in order to maintain constant tension.  Proseal’s pioneering Auto-Tool’ connection system allows fast tool changes. Equally important to the Big Prawn Company has been the excellence of Proseal's before and after service. "Proseal is very innovative in its product development, and always willing to listen to ideas and requests and incorporate them if possible into their equipment," says Richard Kemp. "In terms of after sales support, they cannot be faulted. If we ever do have an issue, their response is always immediate and they are always available on the phone for help and advice. Every member of staff is an excellent ambassador for the company. With our business, we cannot afford to get things wrong and Proseal make an important contribution to ensuring our high quality standards are maintained."










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