Test facilities

Offering full testing facilities in our test kitchen, we can advise on which packaging is suitable for your application and also recommend suppliers.

Our customers are able to bring their product to us, where we can replicate production conditions such as gas flushing, and check the packaging integrity and shelf life. All this is done without any costly investment in machinery, and helps facilitate a smooth product launch.

We also work closely with our packaging suppliers to develop new technologies and innovations and at the same time provide a full testing service. Through our pioneering approach to machine development and new technology, we are constantly seeking to improve all aspects of our machines' performance.

Alistair Paton | Design Manager

Proseal is constantly striving to develop new machines to add to their range whilst continuing to update and improve existing machines. Latest developments include touch screen control, servo motors and linear encoders.

We are also very proud of our new patent pending sealing system which reduces air consumption by 65% and increases seal pressure.

We also work closely with supermarkets and packaging suppliers on the development of new environmentally friendly food packaging and have been at the forefront of some of the latest innovations now seen in the market.

We consider the operator, engineer and the accountant throughout the development phase. We strive to offer tangible benefits to each through higher levels of reliability, greater simplicity, a smaller footprint, greater ease of use and lower cost of ownership.


The introduction of touch screens to our machines brings with it the benefit of added functionality, which enables ease of use and more accessible ‘at machine’ training and maintenance information.

Simplified wiring systems offer improved diagnostics, greatly reduce the component count and increase the reliability of our products. Servo movement systems provide greater control over the movement of products in the machines and reduce the cycle times.

The use of alternative packaging materials and the drive to broaden our portfolio of products has seen extensive developments in the field of cardboard packaging and pre-cut foil-sealing systems.









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